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Bluefish Movies

Some of the new features in Bluefish-2.2.3
(watch on youtube)
An introduction into bluefish 2.2.0. An overview of the new features
(watch on youtube).

An introduction into bluefish 2.0. An overview of the new features.
Working with remote files. In this movie you can see how to work with remote files with the 1.1 series.. Screenshot of a movie: Working with remote files
Working with projects. In this movie you can see what a Bluefish project is, and how to create a project from a set of files. The movie is created with the Bluefish 1.1 series. Screenshot of a movie: Working with projects
Advanced search and replace. This movie demonstrates some of the search and replace functionality, such as regular expression searches, bookmarking results, replacing with regular expressions, using the snippets plugin to store patterns, and using the block sync plugin. Screenshot of a movie: Search and replace

Bluefish Screenshots

Bluefish 2.2.6 while editing this very page over an sftp connection. Bluefish 2.2.6
Bluefish 2.2.4 (prerelease) as set-up for a user with a visual impairment. Notice the large cursor, the cursor highlight and the dark background with white font. Bluefish as used by a user with a visual impairement
Bluefish 1.3.8 (prerelease) on Ubuntu while doing some HTML editing. There is syntax highlighting for HTML, Javascript and CSS visible in this screenshot. The mouse is over the 'margin' keyword in the CSS block, and the tooltip shows the corresponding reference information. The cursor is next to a Javascript bracket, and the matching bracket is highlighted in red. On the left is the character map plugin. Bluefish while editing HTML
Bluefish 1.3.8 (prerelease) on Ubuntu while doing C programming. The editor margin shows the detected blocks which can be folded. The user is typing a function, and the autocompletion shows the possible matches. In-line spell checking is enabled, which checks only the useful area's (strings and comments in C code). On the left is the bookmarks pane. Bluefish while coding in C
Showing Bluefish 1.3.7 in German running native on Windows XP. The quickstart and the About dialog and the license information has been opened. Bluefish running on Windows XP.
Showing Bluefish 1.0.1 on Windows XP using Cygwin. In Bluefish an XML file is opened, and the xmllint integration is used to check if the file is correct. Bluefish running in Cygwin on Windows XP.
A little history, this what bluefish 0.13 looked like. Showing a syntax highlighted python file, and the new python function reference in the left panel. The HTML toolbar shows the 'forms' section. Bluefish windows showing an opned, highlighted python file.
Bluefish 0.13 running on a Mac, in French. This shows the bookmarks tab (note the bookmark at line 274) and the outputbox. Some of the menus are teared off the main window for easier access. Bluefish running on Mac in French.
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Bluefish 0.12 running in Tamil. There are many more languages supported by Bluefish, but this is an excellent example. Bluefish running in Tamil.
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