Chapter VI. Navigation and Managing documents

1. Navigating through a document
2. Navigating through many documents
3. Projects
4.1. Generating several bookmarks at once
5. Find and Replace
5.1. Find Again
5.2. Find from Selection
5.3. Find and Replace Using Regular Expressions

1. Navigating through a document

The editing area is a standard GTK editing area. This means there are many keyboard shortcuts available to navigate through the text.

  • Ctrl-Right-Arrow will jump to the next word boundary

  • Ctrl-Left-Arrow will jump to the previous word boundary

  • End will jump to the end of line

  • Home will jump to the beginning of the line

  • Page-Up will jump one page up

  • Page-Down will jump one page down

  • Ctrl-Home will jump to the top of the document

  • Ctrl-End will jump to the end of the document

These shortcuts are also available when selecting text. Some examples:

  • To select the current line, press Home, hold Shift and press End.

  • To select the current word, press Ctrl-Left-Arrow, hold Shift and press Ctrl-Right-Arrow.