Chapter IX. Shortcuts available within Bluefish

1. General Shortcuts
2. HTML Shortcuts

Here we will try to reference all the shortcuts available within Bluefish to perform a given action.

The here-below tables list the editor window accelerator keys (EWA keys), the contextual menus keys (CM keys), and the toolbars' icons. Some shortcuts appear in several tables to make easy the search for a given action.

You may always change the editor window accelerator keys, as explained in the Section 1, “Modifying shortcut keys”.

1. General Shortcuts

Here are the shortcuts that apply to all types of documents.


For the Filebrowser contextual (FileB. in the table), we distinguish the directory part with D and the files part with F. When no letter appears after the name, the shortcut applies to both parts.


The contextual menus shortcuts listed below are only valid for English language.

Table IX.1. Shortcuts for all Document Types

Create filesNewCtrl-NFile FFileB.
 New WindowShift-Ctrl-NFile   
 New Directory  NFileB.
Open a fileOpen...Ctrl-OFile OFileB. F
 Open Advanced...Shift-Ctrl-OFile AFileB. D
Save filesSaveCtrl-SFile   
 Save as...Shift-Ctrl-SFile   
 Rename...F2File mFileB. F
Delete FilesDelete  DFileB. F
Close filesCloseCtrl-WFile x[a]Notebook
 Close AllShift-Ctrl-WFile   
Quit Ctrl-QFile   
Copy/Cut/PasteCutCtrl-XEdit tDocument
 CopyCtrl-CEdit CDocument
 PasteCtrl-VEdit PDocument
Select All   ADocument
 Find AgainCtrl-GEdit   
 Replace AgainShift-Ctrl-HEdit   
ShiftShift RightShift-.Edit   
 Shift LeftShift-,Edit   
BookmarkAdd BookmarkCtrl-DEdit   
View Sidebar F9View   
Special signsLess-than signCtrl-Alt-,TagsSpecialMath-Science   
 Greater-than signCtrl-Alt-.TagsSpecialMath-Science   
LayoutNon-Breaking SpaceCtrl-Alt-NTagsFormat general   
Comment Ctrl-Alt-CTags   
Autoclose Tags Ctrl-TDocument   
Tag editing F3Dialogs   
Update Highlighting F5Document   
Documents navigationPrevious documentCtrl-Page UpGo   
 Next documentCtrl-Page DownGo   
 First documentShift-Ctrl-Page UpGo   
 Last documentShift-Ctrl-Page DownGo   
 Goto LineCtrl-LGo   

[a] Left click on the button.